Tree Felling Prices in Durban

There are a lot of things that go into a tree felling quotation. Some of the obvious ones to consider are: Who is performing the chopping? That is possibly an obvious variable, however, the more the number of people doing the trimming, the greater the cost is going to be a tree. For this reason, […]

Palm Tree Trimming Tips in Durban

Palm tree trimming is an excellent means to improve the appearance of your house, garden, business, or other areas on your property. For this reason, Palm tree pruning is extremely desirable by many. In this article, we will give you an concept of exactly what Palm trimming involves and why it is a great idea […]

Need Trees Felling? Contact Tree Felling Durban

Whether you need trees felling because they have died or become too damaged to repair or simply because they are in the way of a potential development you need to consider professional help. Felling a tree takes a particular technique, and can be dangerous if handled by the inexperienced. Even if you simply need branches […]